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Halloween is six weeks away. Do you have your costumes ready or even planned? It seems to me like the Halloween costume, much like everything else, has turned into some weird suburban parent competition. Seriously, how many of you had friends growing up who just threw on a sheet with eye holes or tore up some old clothes to make a costume? Oh no, not today. In today’s competitive mom culture, you need at least a 3 month lead time or a $300 budget. Preferably both.


Here’s the problem with that. Well, two problems. First, it’s ridiculous. Why are we doing this to ourselves? Second, what are the chances that the kid is going to want the same costume three months before Halloween that he wants two weeks (or two days) before Halloween? So, you spend all of this time and money laboring over this killer costume, and the week before Halloween your child decides he does not want to be Batman. He wants to be a Ninja Turtle. Do you forgo sleep for a week in order to make the Ninja Turtle costume or give in and try to order one with next day shipping? Neither! Make the kid wear the freaking Batman costume!


Anyway, Halloween costumes will make you crazy. The catalogs with the fantastic costumes all over $100 start arriving by August 1, and you better order that costume while you are on summer vacation because it will NOT be available if you wait until September. Don’t even mention October. That is a joke. Fortunately (or unfortunately?) my kids have outgrown those catalogs or expect something more elaborate since they have now born witness to my ability to create costumes. There was the time two years ago when we spent Halloween in Disney World, and I made each of us into a different Star Wars character. Of course, there was the year that I meticulous punched out hundreds of tiny paper squares to craft this pixelated diamond Steve from Minecraft.

diamond minecraft steve halloween costume



The kids are getting older and not as excited about dressing up as they used to be. It’s more about the candy than the costume now. Still, nobody appreciated my idea that we all just wear T-shirts with Pokemon characters on them. So, stay tuned to see what we come up with next month. All I know now is that we’re going with a Harry Potter theme like last year.

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