Frankly, this year was not great for a lot of people for a lot of different reasons that I think I can summarize in one word: discord. That discord materialized in a lot of ways throughout the year: terrorism, Brexit, US Presidential elections, deaths, health problems, breakups, and personal crises. It sounds weird, but I feel bad for 2016. It was a year that was just at the wrong place and the wrong time, and now everybody hates it. How did 2016 get a bad name and a bad reputation? I’m sorry for the trolling, 2016. I know it’s not your fault. Sometimes we need some discord to shake us to our core and help us to find our way.


Hoping to pull myself out of the trolling of 2016, I went through the pictures on my phone and went to to get my most liked Instagram pictures. If you are not following me on Instagram, obviously, this is your chance to go fix that problem. Here are some of my most liked moments on Instagram. Three of the pictures are from my trips to San Francisco. On one of these trips I got to see the redwood trees at Muir Woods National Forest, which was a box checked off of my bucket list. Two of the moments are of Brooke dancing. One was from Nutcracker a couple of weeks ago, and the other was her contemporary performance at Youth American Grand Prix last year. We’re getting ready to go back there again in a few weeks. One of the pictures is from my bathroom renovation project over the summer. I’ve never done anything like that in my life, so I am proud of that small accomplishment. There is a picture of a letter I received from the university’s president thanking me for doing a great job after several students mentioned my contribution to their education during their graduation exit interviews. The middle picture is a quote from Albert Einstein about creativity being contagious. Learning to embrace my creativity was one of my life lessons from 2016. The last picture has my dog, Buddy, who is the best friend a girl could have. It’s also a special picture because it represents the Youtube channel that I started in the fall as an extension of this blog. I’ve had so much fun coming up with ideas and learning about making videos and graphics.


After looking through the year in pictures on my phone, I made a list of some of the places I went and things I did this year. I had a decent year of travel after ringing in the New Year in Pennsylvania with my family (following a trip to New York City that was technically the end of 2015). I went to Atlanta twice (once with each child), Dallas, New Orleans, San Diego, Memphis, Denver, San Francisco (twice), and Orlando. I got to support my children in doing the things that they love and spend Thanksgiving with my family at Disney World. With one day left, I did not have any major health catastrophes this year (though I’m allowing for the fact that the year is not over yet). Plus, I started two new projects in the recent months that are bringing me a lot of joy. I launched this blog in June and my Youtube channel in September. I got to see Darren Criss perform live as well as Troye Sivan, and I got to attend a Golden State Warriors game.

Sure, this year won’t go down with the tagline “my best year ever.” I won’t, however, be giving it a tagline of “the greatest natural disaster of my time”. Maybe I’ll settle for something like “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” or “I had no trips to the ER”. Cheers!

I was too excited to wait unti January to start working on my new site design, so I went ahead and got to work on it this week. What do you think? I am particularly excited about my glittery black social media icons.

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