youtube update

When I started this blog last year, I wanted to incorporate my blog content with a Youtube channel. I really believe in the power of Youtube as a tool for both education and entertainment. I, however, didn’t have a strong vision for how I wanted to accomplish integrating my written content with my Youtube content. As a result, I veered off course and just started experimenting with content that I thought would be fun to make.


One thing that I learned is that it is hard to consistently post content on either a blog or a Youtube channel. So, I decided to step back from the Classical Bohemian Youtube channel while I assessed my purpose and goal. I think I know how I want to do that, and I got some great ideas while attending Playlist Live (a convention for Youtube content creators and fans). So, I will be supplementing certain blog posts with Youtube content in the future. Plus, I have some ideas for another channel that may get developed in the next year. So, stay tuned. A review of my Playlist Live experience is coming later this week!

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