Twas the night before Christmas (Youtube version)


’Twas the Night Before Christmas, when all round the earth
All the vloggers were vlogging, even Troye in Perth;
Their stockings were hung on the mantle with care,
They’d filmed how to make one and then hung them there;


Dan and Phil were cuddled all down in their beds,
While visions of Undertale danced in in their heads;
For Dan in his onesie, and Phil in fun socks,
Would sleep through their live show, so don’t set your clocks,


While down at the coast Felix made such a clatter,
Edgar and Maya barked at his Swedish chatter.
Alfie’s still wrapping his pile of gifts
Elves Zoe and Joe had long ended their shifts.


Louise had been hoping that there would be snow
And Jenna has three Christmas dog shirts to sew,
But I am just waiting to start Christmas day,
There are so many games I’ve been waiting to play,


There’s Pokemon Sun and there’s Pokemon Moon,
I guess I need to decide on a starter real soon.
I’ve already seen H-Bomb play through the game,
And I love all of Dan Howell’s Pokemon names.


Thumb Dan, and thumb Phil, and thumb Jack Septic Eye,
Thumb Superwoman, thumb Miranda and say hi,
To know when they upload, you should click on the bell,
You’ll become such a fan that it just will be hell.


And maybe like me you’ll make videos too,
You might get more views if you dye your hair blue,
You’ll accept every challenge and do sassy dances,
Collabing with PJ? Come on, what are the chances?


I dream of the day when I have lots of fans,
They’ll make memes about me and use comic sans,
I’ll get asked to VidCon where I’ll be on a panel,
And Youtube will send a big plaque for my channel.


I know it can happen if I work real hard,
It’s kind of like battling with a charizard,
But I know I need help, I can’t do it alone
There must be a way to get my channel known.


“I’ve got it!” I shriek, and I scream with delight,
For Santa is coming, tonight is the night,
I set up my camera and hide just out of sight,
I think through the plan, and the lighting’s just right.


As he climbs down the chimney, I start to record,
This is going to be great, there’s no way you’ll be bored,
I awkwardly trip on a present he’s dropped,
There is no where to go, my fall just can’t be stopped,


I knock Santa down, we go down with a THUD,
After this there’s no way that he’ll be my bud,
But Santa just laughs as he picks us both up,
He gives me a wink, and he asks me ‘waddup’?


I whisper I wanted to get his shout out,
When it comes to subscribers, no one’s got Santa’s clout.
You know I did the same thing for that guy Markiplier?
And that you remind me of Danisnotonfire?


So, I’ll give you that shout out right here and right now,
We film for a minute, and then he takes a bow.
I run off to upload, Santa picks up his pack,
And he’s gone up the chimney before I can turn back.


The next morning I notice a note on the tree,
Left right there by Santa and addressed to me,
Your soul may be black, but your heart’s filled with joy,
And next year let’s see who has the longest “yea boiii!”


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