One of my reasons for existence is to serve as a personal ballet valet for my daughter. She has been studying ballet for about five years now, and her passion for this art is an inspiration to me. I love ballet but never took ballet classes (except for that one class my mom had me take when I was three years old). I grew up going to see the New York City Ballet perform The Nutcracker every December, and have been a fan of ballet dancers and the art form since those early years.


I wish I had the dedication and passion for anything that my daughter has for ballet at the age of 12. Her work ethic is an inspiration to me, and I am happy for the opportunity to help her achieve her goals and make her dreams come true. Along the way, I’ve learned so many new skills like sewing, designing and creating costumes, putting on stage makeup, and applying fake eyelashes. So, it only seemed fitting that we got to spend World Ballet Day together while she put on three performances for local elementary school children together with some friends and the university orchestra.


I got to figure out how to make a bird costume and a donkey costume and also tested my mad emergency costuming skills when someone needed a sudden turtle belly added to a costume. My favorite part of World Ballet Day? Watching this girl do what she loves.


world ballet day



Fun fact? That costume she is wearing started out as a pile of feathers and tulle on my craft room floor.



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