For as much as I love a Christmas sweater, or Christmas jumper for the Brits, I only have two that I purchased this year. In general, it’s just too hot in Mississippi in December to wear a lot of sweaters. Some people dream about a white Christmas, but I dream about a white Christmas cold enough to wear a different Christmas sweater for the 24 days leading up to Christmas. So, I thought I would share some of my favorite Christmas sweater finds of this holiday season.

holiday sweater roundup 2016 ugly Christmas sweater


Llamakah sweater – So, the first sweater I picked is actually for my Jewish friends. It’s a Hanukkah sweater with a llama. Need I say more? You can get it for $20.99 with code FRIEND through December 8 from Macy’s!


Advent calendar sweater – Advent calendars are a huge thing in the UK and are becoming more popular in the US. So, I absolutely love the idea of this sweater and a little surprise that hides behind each door. This one is also on sale at Macy’s for $20.99 with code FRIEND through December 8.


Mrs. Claus sweater dress – This year the Christmas sweater is also available as a sweater dress. This Mrs. Claus dress is my favorite and would be great for a party or Christmas Eve. You can pick this up through December 8 at Macy’s for $24.49 with code FRIEND.


Nerdy reindeer sweater – I just love this adorable, nerdy reindeer. He is super kawaii. This sweater is also on sale for $20.99 through December 8 with code FRIEND at Macy’s.


The rest of my Christmas sweater/Christmas jumper finds for this year actually come from the men’s department.


Ninja gingerbread man sweater – I love ninjas and gingerbread men, so why not put them together in one awesome sweater! $55 at Nordstrom.


Reindeer face sweater – Without the nerdy glasses, this is another adorable reindeer face featuring a fluffy red nose. This is a men’s sweater and is $55 at Nordstrom.


Christmas jumpers are dead Christmas sweater – Oh, the irony is strong with this sweater. The Christmas jumper is more alive and creative than ever. So, if you have an ironic and sarcastic sense of humor like I do, you need this in your life. You can also get this sweater at Nordstrom for $55.


Santa Pug sweater – Pugs are pretty cool. If you are into pugs, you will love this Santa Pug sweater. It’s on sale for $23.99 at Kohl’s right now.


Santa pug hat – Of course, you need the matching hat to go with your pug sweater. The Santa Pug sweater hat is on sale for $14.99 at Kohl’s, and the applique actually lights up!


Ho ho ho tinsel sweater hat – The Christmas jumper isn’t just for sweaters anymore and has moved into socks and hats as well. If you want to go with a Christmas sweater hat to accompany your jumper or alone as a statement of its own, this is the ultimate hat. It’s also on sale for $14.99 at Kohl’s.


Which one of these is your favorite? Have you been to an ugly sweater party? Do you have any Christmas jumpers?


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