Welcome to the first post in this November series that I am calling Thankful Thursdays. If you have never tried a 30 days of thankfulness exercise, I highly recommend giving it a try. Some people post their daily thanksgiving on social media, but you don’t need to do that. Just make sure that every day you write down one thing that you are thankful for in your life. If you are not in the habit of noticing and acknowledging the little blessings in your life each day, I think you’ll get a lot out of the act of meditating on the reasons to be thankful.


I can’t claim to be present all the time, but I do think that I do an above-average job of seeing the blessings around me and giving thanks for them on a fairly regular basis. Sure, there are things that are hard and not great in my life. I try really hard to remain positive in spite of life’s challenges. So, this month I am going to be posting every Thursday about something that happened in the last week that made me feel particularly thankful.


For the first Thankful Thursday, I am thankful that I got to spend Halloween with my whole family. We used to have some really great Halloween traditions. Our previous neighborhood was really into decorating for and celebrating Halloween. People from all around town would come to our neighborhood for the trick-or-treating experience. We have such great memories that we returned to the neighborhood this year to do our own trick-or-treating. Last year, Brooke didn’t get to celebrate with us because she was stuck in ballet class and rehearsal. This year, she got to be with us. Luke dressed as Voldemort, Brooke dressed as a panda, and me dressed as Anonymous all spent an hour walking house-to-house collecting candy and having great conversation. We talked about memories of past Halloweens and started planning out costumes for next year already. Brooke picked out a theme costume that she wants to do with me next year, and that was pretty special for me. I feel so thankful that we had that fun time together making new memories and that even though she’s about to turn 13, my daughter still enjoys my company enough to include me in her Halloween costume plan. These times are so precious, and I am thankful for each one.


We have also spent at least one Halloween at Disney World. We dressed up and went to the Not So Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom, and we even went trick-or-treating around our resort hotel. If your kids are older and not as interested in trick-or-treating anymore, I’d definitely recommend making this a Halloween tradition for your family. We would love to be able to do it again. Also, if you did not see our costumes, go check out my Instagram and follow me for updates. Click on over to my Youtube Channel to see what happened when I wore my costume into the classroom on Halloween as well.


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