getting to know me

We all know that kids have a wonderful way of being brutally honest. What makes it so wonderful is there is nothing but purity at the heart of their answers. Kids are not tempered by a politically correct filter, and most of the time, their responses are not an attempt at emotional manipulation.   Every once in a while I see these posts going around Facebook where you should ask your kids to respond to a set of questions. These… Read more »

halloween fun for introverts

Halloween celebrations in America take on many forms. There are trunk or treat celebrations at churches and traditional trick-or-treating with young children. For the older crowd, there are Halloween costume parties.  If you don’t have young children and are a raging introvert, you might choose a quiet night at home with popcorn, candy, and scary movies.     I really can’t watch most of the new horror movies because they scare me to death. I’d never sleep again and become… Read more »