talk to teens about terrorism

Last night a bomber attacked a crowd of teens and parents of young girls leaving an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England. The news came as a particular shock to us because my daughter and I had attended Ariana’s concert in New Orleans just a few weeks ago. My daughter is a huge Ariana Grande fan. So, this is probably the first time that a terrorist attack has touched her in a personal way.   As parents of teens, we’ve… Read more »

getting to know me

We all know that kids have a wonderful way of being brutally honest. What makes it so wonderful is there is nothing but purity at the heart of their answers. Kids are not tempered by a politically correct filter, and most of the time, their responses are not an attempt at emotional manipulation.   Every once in a while I see these posts going around Facebook where you should ask your kids to respond to a set of questions. These… Read more »

Are you subscribed to my Youtube channel? If you are a subscriber, you’ve probably already seen the awkward advice video that I uploaded this week. I’m already planning the next episode in this series, and you have a chance to get some awkward advice by emailing me or sending a message through this blog or any of my social media accounts.   Go check out the video and subscribe so that you don’t miss any more of my outrageous and… Read more »

halloween costume

  Halloween is six weeks away. Do you have your costumes ready or even planned? It seems to me like the Halloween costume, much like everything else, has turned into some weird suburban parent competition. Seriously, how many of you had friends growing up who just threw on a sheet with eye holes or tore up some old clothes to make a costume? Oh no, not today. In today’s competitive mom culture, you need at least a 3 month lead… Read more »