things I wish I knew when I started college

It’s almost that time of the year when the traffic gets ridiculous, there are no parking spots in a one mile radius of my office, and the meetings led by long-winded professors begin once again. A relatively calm and quiet college town turns into a chaotic whirl of students and parents. The start of a new year at the university.   As I enjoy the last few breaths of summer and quiet, I think back to my first year of… Read more »

new midlife crisis

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I’ve been working through a bit of a personal crisis. I, however, prefer to call it my journey of personal discovery. Most of the time when I mention this feeling of restlessness and discontent to someone older, I am told that I am just having a mid-life crisis. How can that be? Women can start their mid-life crisis at 35, or so the Internet says. Unfortunately, I think… Read more »

  Over the past month, I’ve been thinking about identifying my gifts and what that really means in my year of personal discovery. After using input from my friends and having some honest internal discussions with myself, I finally wrote down what I consider to be my gifts.   Identify Your Gifts Teaching Education Writing Creativity Being Weird/Quirky I don’t know that I have a lot of gifts, but I think the ones I do have are obvious. My path… Read more »

three words

  In the previous part of this series about my year of personal discovery, I talked about going back to think about who you were as a child and the things to which you were naturally drawn. This exercise is an important part of identifying your gifts and passions in life. The next exercise I created for myself is something called “Describe me in three words.”   The exercise itself is as simple as it sounds. What are the first… Read more »

  One of the big life lessons that I got from 2016 was the realization that I was not all that happy with life. I’m not saying that my life is terrible, but there are pieces that just don’t seem to fit anymore. Where I am, what I do, and where I’m going (or not going) hung to me like and old dress that used to look good but now has a stain, has some weird loose parts that stick… Read more »

This weekend I was lucky enough to be surrounded by nearly 6,000 young performing artists at the Junior Theater Festival in Atlanta. My sons participated in the festival for the third year. The purpose of the event is not necessarily to create 6,000 new Broadway actors and actresses but to use the power of musical theater to teach kids important lessons about creativity, self-confidence, and hard work. The funny thing is that every year I think I learn more than… Read more »