believe in your dreams

My everyday jewelry includes three bracelets with phrases that I like to focus on throughout my day. One of those bracelets simply states, “Believe.” Although it was an Origami Owl Christmas product, I find that it suits me well every day. Every time I look down, I am reminded to believe in myself and to believe in my dreams.   When I talk about believing, I mean believing in something that defies all the odds. It’s not like saying “I… Read more »

creating a vision board

Vision boards have become increasingly popular over the last few years thanks to Pinterest. I’ve read a lot of articles about why you should have a vision board and what you should do with it, and this year I decided to finally make one. The one problem I had when creating my vision board was the fact that I don’t have a clear and definite focal point for the future, which is one of the main points of a vision… Read more »

how to plan for your best year ever

A goal without a plan is just a wish. Did you read my last post about my theme for the next year? Along with deciding that 2017 would be my year to evolve, I set some goals for the new year. Whether you call them goals or resolutions, the number one reason for failure is a failure to plan. So, it’s true that a goal without a plan turns out to be nothing more than just a wish and a… Read more »

new year's resolutions goals

I haven’t made a New Year’s resolution about exercising more, eating healthier, or spending less money in a very long time. It’s not that I don’t need to do those things (because I do), but it’s just that resolutions like that are doomed to failure. They are resolutions that are just too nondescript. You are never really sure if you are failing or succeeding and don’t have any clear plan of action to meet the resolution. If you want to… Read more »