back to school

I was one of those weird kids who loved going back to school each fall. I loved thinking about all of the new things I was going to learn, shopping for new school clothes with my mom, and picking out fun, brightly colored school supplies. I don’t think my mom ever experienced any of the anxiety that parents have today when it comes to sending the kids back to school.   First, there are the uniform requirements. You need to… Read more »

Whether you are a homeschool mom like I am or the mom of an elementary, middle, or high school student, back-to-school is a lot of work. Everyone needs new gear and supplies, and  getting back into a school routine is tough! While you were checking things off that back-to-school list, I’ll bet that you forgot a few items. Yes, moms, we need our own back-to-school shopping list! Being a mom is hard work, and we deserve some cute new gear… Read more »

saving on back-to-school supplies

  I just finished teaching my summer class at the university, and my daughter is still in San Francisco. So, it really blows my mind that kids in South Mississippi are already back in school today. I don’t want to think about summer being over already. Besides, we’re in the middle of a heat wave with “feel like” temps reaching 110 degrees this week! Nevertheless, I’ve picked up some great tips over the years for back-to-school savings that I decided… Read more »

J.Crew fashion finds frugal

Friends often ask me where I shop and if I can help them. Everyone assumes I must spend a lot on clothes because I like good brands. That is not the case. I like good brands because I find that they are a good quality and look good longer. I still don’t like to spend a lot on those brands, and I have been known to wait over a year for something I really wanted to finally be within my… Read more »