trip to chicago

When I took Brooke to San Francisco last summer to drop her off for her ballet summer intensive, we went a day early to spend some tourist time together. It was really nice for us to have that time together doing mother-daughter bonding before parting for three weeks, and we decided to do it again this year in Chicago. Here are some of the highlights of our weekend.   Hotel We stayed at the Palmer House Hilton, and it is… Read more »

As summer ends and autumn announces its dutiful march toward the vibrant and intoxicating crescendo of crimson, gold, persimmon, and burnt umber that surrounds us each year, it is only natural to feel a bit overwhelmed by not just the beauty of it all but also the striking change it signals. The days suddenly seem shorter and the sun feels just a little less potent, making it difficult to find the inspiration necessary to accomplish all that must be done…. Read more »

  Did you know that fashion illustration used to be an important art form in publishing? Prior to the widespread use of cameras and film, fashion illustrators were responsible for conveying the image of fashion designers to the world. As a matter of fact, the cover of Vogue used to feature fashion illustrations until photographs took over the job in the 1930s. Although fashion illustration as an art really declined through the 1900s, it is beginning to gain popularity once… Read more »

This wall in my living room has been bare since we moved in almost five years ago. Like many parts of the house, it sat unfinished because I never really took the time to formulate a plan and act on it. Plus, we live in a constant state of “we might move next year” that has resulted in a tendency to neglect any changes to the house. Finally, I could not take it any longer and decided that I just… Read more »

My fellow Pinterest addicts can attest to the fact that there are some great Father’s Day craft ideas out there for you to try out with your kids. If you are like us, they probably won’t turn out looking like the artful examples you find. I always end up throwing my hands in the air and coming up with some alternative way to salvage the project. The problem with all of these Father’s Day craft ideas is that they are… Read more »