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If you are looking for a great summer read, check out the Emerge series by Heather Sunseri. The series includes three thrilling young adult dystopian stories about life in the United States after a devastating global pandemic. Given the recent concerns about the Ebola and Zika viruses, Heather creates a thought-provoking world for her readers.


Emerge brings you into this post-apocalyptic world and introduces you to the survivors inside and outside the walls of New Caelum. You will quickly get drawn into the suspenseful plot and __ characters that are the hallmark of Heather Sunseri’s writing. For a limited time, you can download Emerge for FREE on your Kindle. So, go download it now and thank me later.


Uprising continues the story of Cricket and West. Bad Sam is back and threatening the way of life both inside and outside the walls of New Caelum. Once you start reading Uprising, you will find yourself cheering on Cricket and West while completely immersed in the surprises that are literally around every corner. Heather Sunseri once again shares her unique talent for creating a suspenseful plot that is driven by compelling characters, medical drama, and political intrigue.


Are you kidding me? I am pretty sure I screamed this inside my head at least 5 times while reading Renaissance. How does Heather Sunseri still manage to surprise me like this? You’ll never see these plot twists coming and will love seeing how West and Cricket handle the changing world around them in this fast-paced series finale.




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