Story Time: Road Trip to Houston and G-Dragon

This year I gave myself a great birthday gift – VIP tickets to see G-Dragon in Houston. I am a huge GD fan, and I was really excited to see him and attend his soundcheck. The drive to Houston was actually not that bad compared to the drive to Atlanta or Dallas from Hattiesburg. Plus, the speed limit goes up once you get to Texas! Unfortunately, it also goes back down as I discovered just outside Houston. I had the opportunity to stop on the side of the highway and talk with a friendly Texas state police officer. He kindly pointed out that maybe the speed limit was lower than I thought, and he was correct. Then, he sent me on my way. I don’t know how I got out of a ticket either. I guess it pays to be cute and nice.

We stayed at the Hilton Americas, which is beautiful. The room was nice and comfortable, the staff was friendly and helpful, and there were little artistic treasures all over the hotel. I was completely in love with the chandelier in the entryway and the mosaic on the wall of the bar. I want these in my home.

There was a delicious Mexican restaurant attached to the hotel, and the location was perfect if you are attending a concert at the Toyota Center. We knew we were going to have to wait in line outside all day, so it was helpful to be able to take turns running back to the room for air conditioning and phone charging breaks. The Toyota Center allowed you to start lining up for VIP check-in at 11 am, so we were there at 11. We stood outside for a long time. Around 3:30 it started to rain. Then, it started to pour rain. We huddled under a tree (still in line) and put my kimono over our heads for protection. Now everyone just looked like wet dogs, but we were all still excited to get inside for G-Dragon. Finally, we got inside around 4:30. And then we got to wait around in line some more. At least now we were inside and getting dry.

Finally, we got into the arena for soundcheck. I didn’t think we would be barracaded so far back from the stage, but we were still ridiculously close. GD put on an amazing show, and we had so much fun. Other than the Troye Sivan concert, I’ve never been so close to the stage. I never want to see a show any other way now that I’ve been so spoiled. I turned around and looked at all the seats in the stadium that were behind us, and it was like I had forgotten all those people were even there. They had a different show than we had. This is especially true when during the very last song (my absolute favorite), Kwon JiYong comes and sings right in front of the barracade. He was literally two feet away from me and the most beautiful man I have ever seen with my eyes. It was not the most emotional concert experience ever (that was BTS), but it was the most amazing.

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