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I was really excited to get to be one of the first chosen to test this new killer way to share your social media footprint with my followers. One thing we have learned this year is the power of social media marketing. Social media outlets have transformed the way that people around the world receive information. Getting our message out to millions of people around the world has become incredibly simple and inexpensive. So, now the real challenge is to extend our social media footprint.


Here are some of the numbers behind the social media movement. As of early 2016, the world had 2.3 billion active social media users. One million new active mobile social users are added every day. That means we have the potential to reach 12 entirely new mobile users each second! The 3.17 billion Internet users around the world have an average of 5.64 social media accounts.


So, here we are creating content every day for all of these different social media outlets: blogs, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. We don’t post the same content through all of these outlets, so we spend all day trying to come up with unique and interesting content while also trying to get more followers. We want to reach as many people as possible with our content because, really, that’s the point of all of this. Plus, our ability to earn money and make a living is dependent upon things like our number of followers and social media influence.


Creating unique content for all of these social media outlets takes a lot of time and work. So, we want our fans and followers to be able to see all of it. The problem is that there is no great way to share all of those accounts with our fans in one place. We can have a long list of links on our blog home page or under our Youtube channel information. How can we get our readers or Youtube subscribers to find and follow our Twitter or Instagram accounts so that they don’t miss any of our content? How can we find a way for them to easily share all of our social media accounts with their friends? Anything we try is not pretty, convenient, or terribly effective.


Now there is a better way. Footprint is a new, unique platform that allows us to easily share our digital footprint with anyone. My footprint is customized with links to all of my social media accounts as well as photos and colors of my choice. It is incredibly easy to create and incredibly easy to share via text message. We can get rid of those long lists of links to ten different accounts and now quickly and easily share everything in one place. Also, our fans can easily share that social media footprint with their friends by a simple click of a button. Footprint truly revolutionizes the way we extend our voice around the world.



Click the footprint to visit Classical Bohemian’s Footprint. If you are not following me in all of those places, go ahead and click on over to follow or subscribe. Then share me with at least one friend. Everyone has a digital footprint. Create and share yours today for free by visiting Footprint online.


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