If you’ve been reading along for the past couple of weeks, you’ve noticed that I’ve been trying to make my way through some stormy weather (mostly figuratively). I’m sure you also have those weeks where you just feel like the fates are against you. Nothing seems to go your way. You think you have finally made it over the last hurdle only to find twelve more in the way. The last three weeks of my life have felt just like that.


Whenever I get this feeling, I am reminded of the time I ran the Disney marathon. The Disney marathon ends at Epcot. You come into the park through the back side just past the Yacht and Beach Club resorts, travel around the countries, and exit through the front of the park. When you enter Epcot, you’ve already run around 24 miles. So, you are exhausted from the long journey and mildly delirious. I was so delirious that as I was running through the countries I kept thinking to myself that they must have added extra countries because I don’t remember these places and it could not be this far to the front of the park. I literally believed they had suddenly added new countries for the marathon day.


The point is that our minds can do weird things to us when we get worn down from stress over long periods of time. Keeping a sense of humor and being able to laugh at yourself is critical. So, here’s the latest thing that happened to me. I was doing pretty well getting back into a running habit. I got in 2-3 good runs a week for the past two weeks. Slow runs but good runs. And then…yesterday happened. I was wrestling the kids on the floor. I flipped my daughter off my back over my shoulder, and she landed with her knee smashing down onto my toe. It hurt but didn’t seem too bad until later that night when it suddenly became clear that I had broken my toe. Again. I broke a lot of toes during the time when I did TaeKwonDo and Jiujitsu. So, just like that…broken toe and no running for a while.



It’s important in these times to remember two things. First, this too shall pass. The bad days are here to make sure we appreciate the good days. Most of my bad days are really not that bad either. A more accurate description might be “horridly annoying and obnoxious days.” Second, remember that the sun will come out tomorrow. Or the next day. Preferably, remind yourself of this certainty while singing at the top of your lungs.


When you’re stuck with a day that’s gray and lonely…sing some showtunes!



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