It’s been a while since I did a homeschool roundup kind of post, so I decided to go ahead and put one together today in honor of President’s Day. If you are a homeschool mom or teacher looking for a fun activity in honor of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, here are a few ideas that I particularly love. There are plenty of really cute and fun activities and crafts for elementary school children, but it’s harder to find appropriate activities for middle school students. I’ve tried to find good examples for both age groups. The middle school activities are more research oriented and don’t include a craft, but students will get to hone their Google search skills. I’ve included one FREE activity for each group, but each of these lessons is available for under $5. If you do one of these lessons with your children or class, please take a picture and tag me on your favorite social media outlet because I would love to see them!


Elementary School Projects

FREE President’s Day Mini-Unit



President’s Day Craftivities – I LOVE those faces!



Help students learn about Abraham Lincoln and the importance of separating fact from fiction


Abraham Lincoln Biography Pack


George Washington Biography Pack


Middle School Projects

FREE President’s Day trivia and research assignment


President’s Day research scavenger hunt


Internet research activity on Abraham Lincoln and George Washington


Research unusual facts about the Presidents

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