inspirational women of instagram

  This weekend I noticed that I reached 1,000 posts on Instagram. In honor of this major life achievement, I decided to share five inspirational women I follow on Instagram. Obviously, I should be one of the inspirational women you follow, so go hit that follow button if you haven’t done it already.     Emma Watson Emma is obviously an amazing actress, but she is also a global advocate for women’s rights   2. phd_fashionista Andrea is a scientist… Read more »

women's history month role model

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about role models. I feel like it is especially important today to point out who good role models are for young girls. For instance, I’d prefer for my daughter to say she wants to grow up to be like Emma Watson and not like one of the Kardashians. Is there a woman you look to as a role model?       It might come as a surprise for me to admit that… Read more »

During the month of March, we celebrate Women’s History Month. My son recently asked why we have Black History Month and Women’s History Month. In his mind, there is no prejudice that would necessitate a special month. While I think this is a promising sign for the future of feminism, it also made me think a lot about the need to continue celebrating Women’s History Month.   From the dawn of time, women have been crucial to our history. We… Read more »

how to choose a college

It’s that time in the United States when high school juniors are starting to make a list of college to which they will apply and high school seniors are deciding which offer to accept for the fall semester. For some, the decision is easy because they have a dream school that accepts them and that they can afford to attend. For others, the decision can seem overwhelming and induce panic attacks. As a university professor who has applied to and… Read more »

I guess you could call that an argument in favor of polite argument.

  I’m going to start out by admitting that I hate to argue. I will avoid it whenever possible. I don’t like confrontation and prefer to internalize all emotion. So, chances are that I am not going to engage in an argument if it is possible to avoid it altogether. I may, however, engage in a discussion about opposing views. What about you?   Now, what if I told you that technically those two scenarios are the same thing? There… Read more »