Okay, here’s the scoop. Recently two friends of mine signed up to be It Works distributors and started talking about all of these fantastic new products. Like many others, I was curious and thought I would give them a try. Who would not want to try products that are going to make them skinny, healthy, and beautiful? I was most intrigued by this whole “wrap” thing, so I decided that I needed to try this one for myself and… Read more »

Have you ever heard or tried Stitch Fix? It is an online subscription box and personal shopping service that will send you a box personalized with five new clothing and accessory items that were picked out just for you. It’s a great service for girl bosses like me who just don’t have time to spend shopping. I decided to give the service a try last year when I realized how badly my wardrobe really needed an infusion of new life. I… Read more »

My fellow Pinterest addicts can attest to the fact that there are some great Father’s Day craft ideas out there for you to try out with your kids. If you are like us, they probably won’t turn out looking like the artful examples you find. I always end up throwing my hands in the air and coming up with some alternative way to salvage the project. The problem with all of these Father’s Day craft ideas is that they are… Read more »

    With summer in full swing, it’s time to change up your beauty routine. Protect the sensitive skin on your face from the sun’s harmful rays by using a moisturizer, foundation, or sunscreen specifically designed for your face each day. I also like to lighten up my makeup bag and shorten my daily routine for summer. Here’s a look at what I’m using to focus on a light, summer glow.     Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream. For summer,… Read more »

I have absolutely no idea why I bought this living room set almost eight years ago. Who buys a cream colored couch when their kids are 2 and 4? In their defense, there was only that one time when they decided to draw on the couch with washable markers. Other than that, they have not been the problem. The source of the problem is this adorable creature.     Nico is a pit bull mix who we adopted shortly after… Read more »

  Last week we dropped the husband off in North Carolina to continue his trek along the Appalachian Trail. He started the trek with three weeks last summer and plans to spend the month of June on the trail this year. He has discovered the importance of walking. I don’t mean walking in your neighborhood with your friend or walking around the house trying to get those extra steps on your Fitbit (I’ve done it too).   Perhaps you have… Read more »