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If you’ve been following along on my journey of personal discovery this year, you will know that I have been looking deep into myself to find my passion and my purpose. For my whole life, I’ve felt like the purpose of my gifts and talents was so much bigger than the small towns to which they have been confined. Part of finding the answers to my questions this year has been confronting that nagging feeling that just would not go away no matter how many years passed.


One question I have asked myself is what I will do once I find my passion and purpose. Could I or should I entirely leave behind my current career? Would there be a way to incorporate my talents into my current career and just take them in a different direction? Recently, I read an article in the Harvard Business Review as well as a chapter in Originals (affiliate link below) that suggested diversification might be the best strategy. Both of these writers suggested that, contrary to what one might believe, we can actually do our best work when our time and interests are diversified. Having some income stability, for example, gives you the freedom to take creative risks in other areas of your life. Not driven by the need for a paycheck, musicians, writers, and artists can take time creating something unique.

After eight years at my university, I knew that I wanted some time in a new setting. I have a strong desire for adventure and travel to a completely new place. As I started researching ways that I could continue my job as a finance professor but spend time abroad, I found the Fulbright Scholars program. Many people have heard about the Fulbright scholarships for college students. New college graduates and graduate students can apply to spend a year abroad working on individually designed study or research programs. In addition, there is a separate Fulbright scholars program for professors. These scholarships provide support for professors to spend anywhere from 3 months to a year in another country doing research and/or teaching at a foreign university.


So, I’ve decided to apply for a Fulbright scholarship and wanted to share this part of my journey with all of my readers. Over the next few months, I’ll share how I chose my country of interest as well as some details about the application process. I am hard at work on making sure I have the strongest application possible and am hoping for the best.

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