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Over the past month, I’ve been thinking about identifying my gifts and what that really means in my year of personal discovery. After using input from my friends and having some honest internal discussions with myself, I finally wrote down what I consider to be my gifts.


Identify Your Gifts

  • Teaching
  • Education
  • Writing
  • Creativity
  • Being Weird/Quirky

I don’t know that I have a lot of gifts, but I think the ones I do have are obvious. My path has given me the opportunity to become educated in a wide variety of fields, and I am a good teacher. I am particularly gifted at breaking down difficult subjects into easily understandable pieces. My mind also works in creative and weird ways, and I accept that all those quirks are actually gifts. My weird way of seeing the world and expressing myself is the same thing that allows me to convey knowledge through writing and teaching.


As I was working through the process of identifying my gifts, I found this article with advice from an actual career counselor on finding your life purpose. According to the article, the next step is to identify your passions. Of course, the first thing that popped into my cynical brain was that I’m not passionate about anything. After all, I’m dead inside. See, it’s that weird and quirky sense of humor again. So, I forced myself to make a list of things that I really enjoy even if, at first, it sounded silly to write that down knowing I would share it with you.


Identify Your Passions

  • Carpe Diem
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Learning
  • Travel
  • Youtube
  • Blogging
  • Coffee
  • Everything British
  • Creating


Some of them are silly and slightly embarrassing, but these are the things (other than my family) that bring happiness and enjoyment to my life. Carpe Diem isn’t really a thing, but I am passionate about reminding myself to seize the day and to take every opportunity to experience something or some place new. I chose to use the word “creating” because it best describes the process. I enjoy coming up with an idea in my mind and then making it come to life through art, designing a costume, writing, or making a video.


The last part of the equation is to identify your values. Your values should reflect your lifestyle and your personality. Your values help to answer the question about the things that are important to you. The idea behind identifying your values is that these are the things that will help you determine what is non-negotiable when deciding on a career path.


Identify Your Values

  • Personal growth
  • Providing the best education and opportunities for my kids
  • Health
  • Challenging myself
  • Creative expression
  • Freedom
  • Help others


The simple equation says that you now have all the tools to identify your calling or life purpose. Your calling or purpose is simply the sum of your gifts, your passions, and your values. Is yours obvious to you? Honestly, I’m still trying to solve the equation. Perhaps the problem is that there is more than one solution to the equation. I am, however, one step further down the road on my journey of personal discovery.


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