My Latest Travel Woes and How I Handle Them

travel problems

I’ve been traveling a lot lately and not getting much rest, so it probably should not come as a surprise that I ended up sick after a trip across the country. I didn’t feel bad, but my voice got raspy and my throat scratchy. I’ve since decided that I need to wear a mask on flights like people in Asia. I’d like a cute BTS-themed mask that says “Suga” on it. Feel free to send one to me if you like reading my blog.

It turns out that my flight out of San Diego was delayed again and again and again. We did finally leave San Diego for Salt Lake City last night about five hours late. Luckily, my flight in Salt Lake City key getting delayed too, so I didn’t miss that flight. It just left 3 hours late. It was snowing in Salt Lake City, and the plane had to get de-iced. That left me to miss my connection in Atlanta. Plus, my final flight back to Mississippi is delayed. It might be a good time to mention that my bag is still in Salt Lake City. Maybe it wanted to stay to build a snowman. I hope I get to see it again because I have a new dress, my favorite Gola sneakers, and some great Asian and British candy in there. It almost seems like the world can’t figure out why anyone or any bag would leave California to travel to Mississippi and is doing everything it can to stop us.

There are two ways to handle problems when you travel:

  1. Get angry, stomp your feet, and complain as loudly as possible to everyone who can hear. The thing is all those people are suffering along with you, so it’s not like you’ll get much sympathy. You might be told to sit down and shut up. I might be the one saying it.
  2. Follow my lead. All misfortune is now funny to me. Post a funny tweet or Facebook post. Write a blog post about how travel can be a headache sometimes. For instance, I am calling this the trip where everything went wrong, and I am sure I’ll be telling this story for years to come. You can’t do anything but sit and wait, so getting mad is only going to make the experience even more miserable. Keep your sense of humor and go with the flow. Travel is not just about the destination but also about the journey. Sometimes the journey is long and bumpy, but that’s part of the ride.

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