My First Day as Boss Babe

At the end of 2018, I was given a promotion to school director. After winter break, I woke up with my head full of ideas that I was ready to get to work and implement this year. I had survived many years under an oppressive boss, but all of that was about to change. Although it is incredibly uncommon for a young female to hold such a position in my field, I had done it. I was finally the boss babe. 

I started my day like any other – letting the dogs out and making coffee. This is when the universe decided that it was going to remind me that I am just not that big of a deal. At all. My living room smelled absolutely terrible. It smelled like a toilet. I turned the light on, and I discovered the source of the odor. As far as the eye could see, or at least across the living room floor, one of my dogs had decided to use the entire room as a bathroom. Rather than waking me with an upset stomach, she had proceeded to litter the room with puddles and piles. That is how I started my first day as the boss babe – cleaning all of this crap off the floor.

I really couldn’t do anything by laugh about it. The universe has a wicked sense of humor. It was also a wonderful reminder of what it really means to be a leader. Rather than viewing leadership as a big office, big paycheck, and big power, it helps to remember that leadership doesn’t exist at all without followers. A good leader realizes that leadership is not self-centric. Leadership is about being a servant and helping to inspire everyone around you to give their best work to the group. And sometimes, leadership is about showing others that you aren’t above getting down on the ground and cleaning up the crap. 

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