my first concert

Attending your first proper concert is a right of passage. It is part of the process of defining yourself, your tastes, and coming of age in the modern world. Last week I got to take my daughter to Atlanta for her first proper concert (not counting The Wiggles even though those guys rock…haha!) as a gift for her 13th birthday. She is a huge Troye Sivan fan, and she made me listen to enough of his music that I became a fan too. So, we made the trip from Mississippi to Atlanta for a whole girl’s road trip and concert experience. You can watch the whole video about our journey on my Youtube channel.



Sharing this experience with her made me think back to my first concert. I was around Brooke’s age when I went with my friend Tara to see New Kids on the Block and Tiffany. We both tolerated Tiffany but were huge NKOTB fans. Tara’s parents took us to a small theater in New York state (I don’t remember the actual town). We didn’t have Youtube at the time, so it wasn’t like today where you can endlessly watch videos of your favorite singers and stalk them online all day. I’m actually thankful for that or I would probably not have four college degrees and a job today. I could easily be a professional fangirl. Is that a thing? It should be.


Anyway, I digress. We went to see NKOTB for the first time. Other than watching them on the occasional television appearance, we had never been able to see them live and in person. I remember being totally blown away by the fact that these people were actually in front of me. Sure, they were far away even in this small venue, but they were there in front of my actual eyes. I don’t remember anything about the show other than the trip itself and that feeling of amazement.


I went on to see NKOTB in much larger shows over the years and actually plan to take my daughter with me to see them again next year. It just seemed like something really fun to be able to share with her. I’m grateful for all the times my mother took me to Giants Stadium to concerts and wanted to make sure that I passed on those great experiences to my daughter as well. I still have my concert girl scream in excellent shape and will outscream any tween or teen girl. Plus, I still love a great live show.


And hey, no judging about my lifelong love for NKOTB. Sure, their songs are pure sugar, and the lyrics are about as deep as a drop of spilled milk. I am not a fan for the deep emotional connection to the music. I’m a fan because Donnie and Joe were absolutely adorable, and it is completely entertaining. I also listen to showtunes, classical music, and really emo junk like MCR. But sometimes you need some unadulterated boy band booty shaking. You just do.


What was your first concert?

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