For the longest time, I’ve seen pins and posts about making ice cream in a bag. Today for science, we finally did it. I gave each of my kids their own individual bag to make. Here’s the recipe that we followed.


how to make ice cream in a bag


Shaking for 10 minutes was the hardest part, but I loved it because they really had to work for their ice cream. After about 5 minutes our hands got so cold that we switched to wearing oven mitts or winter gloves on our hands. The better you shake, however, the better the result. One kid did a better job of shaking than the other, and the result was that one looked like a scoop of ice cream and the other looked like tiny blobs of ice cream.


Be sure to add sprinkles on top because they make everything better. That’s my life philosophy. Here is the result!



how to make ice cream in a bag

The final result was delicious!


The kids thought we could have added a little bit more sugar, but they said it was delicious. My son actually said it may have been the best ice cream he has ever tasted! This homeschool chemistry in the kitchen session was a huge success!



Have you ever made ice cream in a bag? What did you think?


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