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This weekend I noticed that I reached 1,000 posts on Instagram. In honor of this major life achievement, I decided to share five inspirational women I follow on Instagram. Obviously, I should be one of the inspirational women you follow, so go hit that follow button if you haven’t done it already.


kim goodwin instagram


  1. Emma Watson

Emma Watson instagram

Emma is obviously an amazing actress, but she is also a global advocate for women’s rights


2. phd_fashionista

phd fashionista instagram

Andrea is a scientist earning her doctorate, and she’s smart, beautiful, and fashionable. She is #girlpower.


3. Dana Perino

dana perino instagram

Whether you share her political leanings or not, Dana Perino is an inspirational woman. She is smart, strong, and well-spoken. She also writes great books and posts adorable photos of her dog, Jasper.


4. Mayim Bialik

mayim bialik instagram

Mayim is a smart, quirky, and incredibly successful actress. She’s also a mother and a scientist with a doctorate. Mayim is an outspoken advocate for women’s rights.


5. Chic in Academia

chic in academia instagram

I don’t know how she does it all. B is a brilliant and beautiful woman who somehow balances the rigors of motherhood, blogging, and science while looking great doing it all.



Go check out these strong, smart, and sassy women for an extra dose of inspiration!


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