tips for surviving the flu

I’ve been sick in bed for the past two days and did not have the brain power to write anything of deep, emotional worth. So, you are going to get tips for how I am attempting to survive this hellion of a virus. It started on Tuesday when I got home from school and had a touch of a sore throat. The next day I felt like I was getting a cold but would be able to fight it off. I religiously ingested Zicam and told my overactive immune system to get to work. Unfortunately, by Wednesday afternoon I realized I was not going to win. Thursday I woke up with a fever. I’ve been simultaneously frozen and on fire since. Today I accepted my fate and went to the doctor’s office where I was diagnosed with the flu (even though my test was negative).


Exhaustion, achiness, and fever have me in and out of consciousness. When you are conscious, have something queued up to watch on tv or Youtube. I’ve watched four movies and am getting caught back up with my Youtube subscriptions. I would like to read, but honestly, I don’t have the energy in my eyes and brain. It’s that bad.


Sleep as much as you can. There are few times in life when it is socially acceptable to spend all day in bed sleeping. Go ahead and take advantage of this chance. Plus, you won’t have the energy to do anything that requires standing or moving anyway.


Hydration is one of the most important keys to fighting illness, and it’s even more important if you are trying to knock out an incessant fever like I am. Water is the best thing to drink, but for some reason I find it really hard to drink water right now. I’ve resorted to juices and sodas because the carbonation seems to make them more palatable.


Off to collapse back into a fever coma, so I’ll see you next week!



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