About five months ago, I shared a post with you that was an interview with my 13-year-old daughter. I asked her a set of questions that would help my readers get to know me better through the eyes of my kids. I thought it would be funny to ask my 10-year-old son the same questions and see what he had to say about me. So, here were his answers.


  1. What is something I always say to you? I love you
  2. What makes me happy? Sleeping
  3. What makes me angry? Daddy
  4. How do I make you laugh? Unfunny jokes
  5. What was I like as a child? Annoying
  6. How old am I? You act like you are 12
  7. How tall am I? I have no idea
  8. What’s my favorite thing to do? Sleep. You really like sleeping.
  9. What do you think I do when you’re not around? Sleep or work
  10. What am I really good at? Walking into walls
  11. What am I not very good at? I can’t think of anything. You are average at everything.
  12. What do I do for a job? Teach dumb people
  13. What’s my favorite food? Yogurt
  14. What’s your favorite thing to do with me? Play games


I noticed some interesting things here. First, I feel like I need to say something about all of these sleep comments. I do legitimately have a medical condition involving fatigue. It’s not like I am just lazy. Also, he happened to answer these questions after I slept a lot following two rather difficult weeks on the road traveling. I was tired. Second, both of my kids think yogurt is my favorite food? I do eat a lot of yogurt, but it is definitely not my favorite food. I have no idea how this won out over peanut butter or pizza. Third, neither child could name a single thing that I am not very good at, and I think that is pretty amazing. Of course, one was nicer than the other who claimed I am average at everything. At least they recognize my genius and superhuman qualities.

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