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As of June 30, I submitted my completed Fulbright scholarship application for next year! I really don’t have a concept for how competitive the process is or how good my chances of getting chosen actually are. So, I wanted to put together the strongest possible application that I could. I spent a lot of time working on my proposal and all of the application components. I started learning Korean and reading research relevant to my work. I reached out to my colleagues in Korea and was lucky enough to find more than one university willing to support my visit for an entire year. Then, I tried to incorporate all the important components of my background and preparation into my application.


Since I am applying for a teaching and research position, my application proposal needed to cover a lot of areas in about three pages. First, I needed to discuss my interest in Korea, my motivation for wanting to visit, and why I would be a good ambassador for the United States in the country. I talked about how I started to develop an interest in the country and culture while I was studying TawKwonDo, all of the colleagues I knew in the country that would work with me, and why I thought Korea was an interesting place to teach and research in real estate topics.


Second, I needed to discuss the topics that I was willing to teach and how I would handle teaching in a different country where English is not the native language. I had already worked out with my host institution the types of courses I would teach, and classes are in English. Luckily, I’d get to teach classes in my specialty area, so creating sample syllabi for the courses was relatively easy.


Finally, my application included details about the research activities I plan to complete while in Korea. My research specialty is in real estate markets (particularly housing) and how policy impacts markets. Korea has some really interesting and unique property laws that make it a pretty fascinating case study. So, I discussed how I plan to research the interaction of policy and real estate markets and compare to the U.S. housing market. Along with details of the proposal, I needed to submit a 2-3 page bibliography of prior research related to my topic. I’m also excited about the opportunity to work on research with other real estate faculty and graduate students.


Now, my application is complete! I am just waiting for all my references to send their letters this month. Then, I wait for the long evaluation process to begin in August. Fingers crossed for me, please!





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