back to school for moms

Whether you are a homeschool mom like I am or the mom of an elementary, middle, or high school student, back-to-school is a lot of work. Everyone needs new gear and supplies, and  getting back into a school routine is tough! While you were checking things off that back-to-school list, I’ll bet that you forgot a few items. Yes, moms, we need our own back-to-school shopping list! Being a mom is hard work, and we deserve some cute new gear to help us get through the new year too. Here are some of the must-have items for back-to-school moms.


  1. A cute planner. If you’ve been around here for a while, you know that I swear by my Erin Condren planner.back to school for moms

I don’t care if you get the Erin Condren planner or another style, but you definitely need to have something stylish to manage all of those appointments, meetings, and after-school activities. Grab some cute accessories to go with it while you are at it. Preferably with glitter.


2. A great travel mug. You are going to need a mobile coffee solution for the early morning drop-offs and late night dance rehearsals. I’m currently carrying this Lilly Pulitzer mug that I got for my birthday, but I have my eye on this Gilmore Girls  mug. Get it now so you can show the other moms that you were a Gilmore Girls fangirl before the show made a comeback on Netflix this fall.





3. A travel cup for water (or jiggle juice). A mom has to stay hydrated too, so when you are not hauling your coffee cup, you need something for all of your other beverages of choice (you know, sweet tea for all of the southerners). back to school for moms

I like this one because it’s so true when you are living the mom life. You go, Boss Lady!


4. New Jeans. Dress them up or dress them down, a good pair of jeans will take you anywhere you want (and make your bum look good too). I don’t even shop for jeans anymore. I let my Stitch Fix stylist do the work for me. Every pair they send me fits perfectly. You can give it a try by clicking the link in the sidebar to the left. You can thank me now or later.


5. Fun pens and pencils. Remember how much fun it was to get new pens and pencils for school when you were a kid? The crazy school shopping lists may have crushed some of that joy for our kids, but you can still treat yourself. Check out Etsy for some really cute new pens and pencils like these (I have these exact pencils).

back to school for momsback to school for moms















When do your kids start school? What is your one back-to-school essential?


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