Here’s an idea. Let’s take an animatronic woman of questionable character against a reality star billionaire and make them run against each other in an American election. Sure, that sounds like a funny tv show, but let’s take it up a notch. Have them run for President! We can make one of them under investigation by the FBI and then pull out twenty years worth of outrageous quotes taken out of context. It will be great.


Oh, no, people. It’s real. I feel like I should apologize to the rest of the world, but it actually could get much worse than this if we take a good look at world history. So, get out there and vote today for the candidate you find to be the least disgusting choice. Be thankful for those who have given their lives to afford us this opportunity to have a voice in our country’s leadership. Then go get a bottle of wine, watch my vidceo, and laugh/cry yourself to sleep.



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