Earlier this summer, I found Studio DIY’s post about designing your own watermelon hat. I loved it so much that I decided to try it for myself. I found a straw hat for less than $10, and I got four colors of craft paint. You need pink, black, mint, and green.


Here’s my hat. It came with a black ribbon that I decided to leave on, so I had to clip the ends to the hat so they did not fall in the paint.



These are the paints that I chose.


My hat came with a ribbon that was glued on so well that I decided to leave it rather than mess up the hat. I started on the inside with the pink and worked my way to the outside with mint and then dark green.


Watermelon hat in progress.


My last step was painting on the black seeds. Here’s the finished product! Mine is not quite as fabulous as the Studio DIY hat, but I like it. Plus, I think the ribbon actually makes a nice accent.


Finished product!


I’ll be easy to spot on the soccer field wearing this hat in the next few weeks!







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