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Creating A Vision Board

creating a vision board

Vision boards have become increasingly popular over the last few years thanks to Pinterest. I’ve read a lot of articles about why you should have a vision board and what you should do with it, and this year I decided to finally make one. The one problem I had when creating my vision board was the fact that I don’t have a clear and definite focal point for the future, which is one of the main points of a vision board. So, let me show you how I made a vision board that worked for me.


What is a vision board?

A vision board is just a visual representation of you. It illustrates your unique hopes, dreams, and goals. A vision board is usually a physical object, but you can create a virtual vision board as well.


How can I use a vision board?

People use their vision board in a lot of different ways. Some people choose to cover their vision boards with daily affirmations that they speak out loud to themselves. Others include pictures of goals they want to achieve in the next year and might choose pictures of new cars, travel locations, or a bikini they hope to wear during the summer months. I’m not using my vision board in either of those ways. I don’t have physical objects as goals, and I don’t really believe in speaking daily affirmations to myself. So, I chose to cover my vision board with thoughts and quotes that I want to be reminded of each day as I work through developing a new vision for my future.


How do I make a vision board?

Guess what? There is no right or wrong way to make a vision board! The only requirement is that you create a board that reflects your personal vision for the future in a way that you will actually use. While it is perfectly acceptable to make a virtual vision board like a Pinterest board, I wanted to make a physical object that I could put in my closet. I knew this is what would work best for me because it assured that I would actually take a minute or two each day to reflect on the words I had chosen to be important for my individual journey.


If you want to make a physical vision board, go grab a piece of cardboard, poster paper, cork board, or a picture frame to hold the contents of your vision. Decorate your board any way you want. You can use photographs, pictures from magazines, or images you print out from your computer. The only requirement is that your work represents ideas and thoughts that are important to your personal growth and life journey.


Can I see your vision board?

Of course! My current vision for the future doesn’t involve a specific place or goal. To represent my vision of finding my way for the future, I collected quotes and phrases that defined the ways I want to approach that question. I printed some of those thoughts and ideas from Pinterest and put them inside a large picture frame I had sitting in my hall closet. I want to add a little glitter and decoration inside the frame, but here is what I created for my vision board!


My completed vision board!
My completed vision board!



To see more about how to make a vision board and the types of phrases I considered putting on my board, you can go visit my Pinterest vision board collection. If you make your own vision board, I’d love for you to post it on Twitter or Instagram and tag me in your picture! Be sure to click on the links to the left to follow me on your favorite social media outlet.

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  1. A very good concept. I have always believed in having a list of goals both short and long term. This takes goal making a step forward. In making the board you have more of a visual reminder to help you stay positive and on track!!

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