Niki and Sammy

    Last year, my kids and I decided that we wanted to attend a Youtube convention in 2017. The dates and distance to travel for Vidcon didn’t work for us this year, so we decided that we would go to Playlist Live. Orlando is within driving distance, and the dates fit into our schedule. I bought tickets as soon as they were available in October 2016 to take advantage of the cheaper pricing. Standard tickets were $125 covering events… Read more »

youtube update

When I started this blog last year, I wanted to incorporate my blog content with a Youtube channel. I really believe in the power of Youtube as a tool for both education and entertainment. I, however, didn’t have a strong vision for how I wanted to accomplish integrating my written content with my Youtube content. As a result, I veered off course and just started experimenting with content that I thought would be fun to make.   One thing that… Read more »

Twas the night before Christmas (Youtube version)

  ’Twas the Night Before Christmas, when all round the earth All the vloggers were vlogging, even Troye in Perth; Their stockings were hung on the mantle with care, They’d filmed how to make one and then hung them there;   Dan and Phil were cuddled all down in their beds, While visions of Undertale danced in in their heads; For Dan in his onesie, and Phil in fun socks, Would sleep through their live show, so don’t set your… Read more »

sugar plum holiday makeup

December’s holiday makeup and style trends usually involve a lot of bright red and green or silver and blue. December makeup is definitely festive and sparkly, which is something I love. I have a true aesthetic appreciation for sparkle and glitter. Because my skin is so pale, however, bright colors don’t look great on me. Rather than brightening my skin, they tend to make me look like a ghost. Purple, on the other hand, not only matches my hair but… Read more »

gilmore girls

  No spoilers about the new season of Gilmore Girls on Netflix other than this – it is outstanding. I was such a big fan of the original show that I considered naming my daughter Lorelei. My son is named Luke, and I the show did have some role in that choice of name (although was just part of the naming consideration). It’s probably a good thing that they are not Luke and Lorelei though because that would be pretty… Read more »

my first concert

Attending your first proper concert is a right of passage. It is part of the process of defining yourself, your tastes, and coming of age in the modern world. Last week I got to take my daughter to Atlanta for her first proper concert (not counting The Wiggles even though those guys rock…haha!) as a gift for her 13th birthday. She is a huge Troye Sivan fan, and she made me listen to enough of his music that I became… Read more »