This weekend I was lucky enough to be surrounded by nearly 6,000 young performing artists at the Junior Theater Festival in Atlanta. My sons participated in the festival for the third year. The purpose of the event is not necessarily to create 6,000 new Broadway actors and actresses but to use the power of musical theater to teach kids important lessons about creativity, self-confidence, and hard work. The funny thing is that every year I think I learn more than… Read more »


  This morning my son sweetly reminded me that Christmas Eve is just eight days away. I know he meant well by it, but it really just felt a little like he was trolling me. I love the Christmas season. I love Christmas scents and flavors, decorations, music, and all the holly and jolly. Unfortunately, I am a total loser and procrastinator when it comes to living out that Christmas spirit. In my defense, the 2-3 weeks after Thanksgiving are probably… Read more »

my first concert

Attending your first proper concert is a right of passage. It is part of the process of defining yourself, your tastes, and coming of age in the modern world. Last week I got to take my daughter to Atlanta for her first proper concert (not counting The Wiggles even though those guys rock…haha!) as a gift for her 13th birthday. She is a huge Troye Sivan fan, and she made me listen to enough of his music that I became… Read more »

getting to know me

We all know that kids have a wonderful way of being brutally honest. What makes it so wonderful is there is nothing but purity at the heart of their answers. Kids are not tempered by a politically correct filter, and most of the time, their responses are not an attempt at emotional manipulation.   Every once in a while I see these posts going around Facebook where you should ask your kids to respond to a set of questions. These… Read more »

I have a girl confession to make. Until I had a daughter who decided that she wanted to be a dancer, I really didn’t know a thing about makeup. Over the past few years, however, I have learned a lot about stage makeup in particular. It takes some practice, but you can create some amazing looks with makeup. In fact, stage makeup is great because you can create art on someone’s face. So, I thought I would share some examples of Halloween… Read more »

One of my reasons for existence is to serve as a personal ballet valet for my daughter. She has been studying ballet for about five years now, and her passion for this art is an inspiration to me. I love ballet but never took ballet classes (except for that one class my mom had me take when I was three years old). I grew up going to see the New York City Ballet perform The Nutcracker every December, and have… Read more »