save money using Amazon Prime

This post also appeared today on my personal finance blog, Your Finance Professor.       In honor of Amazon Prime Day, I thought I would share some of the ways I use  Amazon Prime to save money. You can sign up below to get a free month of Amazon Prime and see if it is something that works for you. The regular membership rate is $99/year, which equates to $8.25 per month. If you have a .edu email address, you… Read more »

    While in the middle of a Pinterest binge, I found a post about photographing sparklers. I’ve seen these types of pictures posted every summer and marveled at them over the years. I never had a clue how people managed to get a camera to do something like that. I figured there was some complicated manual setting and manipulation required that I could never hope to manage. When I found out this was not the case at all, I was… Read more »

    When you have kids, nobody warns you that your life up until that moment has done little to prepare you for having children. There are so many things that you still have to learn. I guess that is one of the cool things about being a parent. You get the opportunity to learn and do things all over again with your children. For example, I get to use my knowledge of basketball, physics, and geometry to teach Luke… Read more »