About five months ago, I shared a post with you that was an interview with my 13-year-old daughter. I asked her a set of questions that would help my readers get to know me better through the eyes of my kids. I thought it would be funny to ask my 10-year-old son the same questions and see what he had to say about me. So, here were his answers.   What is something I always say to you? I love you… Read more »

getting to know me

We all know that kids have a wonderful way of being brutally honest. What makes it so wonderful is there is nothing but purity at the heart of their answers. Kids are not tempered by a politically correct filter, and most of the time, their responses are not an attempt at emotional manipulation.   Every once in a while I see these posts going around Facebook where you should ask your kids to respond to a set of questions. These… Read more »

  I spent my Labor Day weekend on the fields of a soccer tournament with this crazy goalkeeper. When we were not on the field, I was taking the dancer to extra rehearsals and enjoying the long-awaited start of the college football season. Such is the life of a soccer and dance mom.   On another note, I’m sorry if you missed my regular posting schedule last week. There were some really bizarre things going on in my life last… Read more »

Whether you are a homeschool mom like I am or the mom of an elementary, middle, or high school student, back-to-school is a lot of work. Everyone needs new gear and supplies, and  getting back into a school routine is tough! While you were checking things off that back-to-school list, I’ll bet that you forgot a few items. Yes, moms, we need our own back-to-school shopping list! Being a mom is hard work, and we deserve some cute new gear… Read more »

how to use erin condoner planner

  Two years ago, I decided to try an Erin Condren Life Planner. Prior to that, I had been keeping all of my appointments and notes on my Apple Calendar (iCal). Now, I am definitely a tech girl, and I loved the idea of syncing my calendar across all of my devices so that I always had it on hand. Unfortunately, I started missing and forgetting too many things. Managing all the appointments and tasks associated with work, home, and… Read more »

pokemon go abra

Mention PokemonGo, and you are likely to get one of three responses. Response 1: What is PokemonGo? Response 2: I love it! I’m totally addicted! Response 3: I don’t get PokemonGo. It’s a kid thing. If you chose number 1, what rock are you living under? PokemonGo has even been featured on Fox News. If you chose number 2, right there with you. Number 3? Well, if you had tried the game you’d be answering with response 2. I never… Read more »