Whether you are a homeschool mom like I am or the mom of an elementary, middle, or high school student, back-to-school is a lot of work. Everyone needs new gear and supplies, and  getting back into a school routine is tough! While you were checking things off that back-to-school list, I’ll bet that you forgot a few items. Yes, moms, we need our own back-to-school shopping list! Being a mom is hard work, and we deserve some cute new gear… Read more »

homeschool olympic games rio 2016 middle school

Homeschooling during the Olympic Games is great! There are so many fun ways to break up the usual school routine to make learning fun and relevant. This year, however, I found that a lot of ideas just did not seem to work now that I have two middle schoolers. We’ve already learned about the first Olympic games, completed a lapbook, and created our own Olympic games complete with medals, flag, and laurel crowns. These things are great in elementary school,… Read more »

saving on back-to-school supplies

  I just finished teaching my summer class at the university, and my daughter is still in San Francisco. So, it really blows my mind that kids in South Mississippi are already back in school today. I don’t want to think about summer being over already. Besides, we’re in the middle of a heat wave with “feel like” temps reaching 110 degrees this week! Nevertheless, I’ve picked up some great tips over the years for back-to-school savings that I decided… Read more »

how to use erin condoner planner

  Two years ago, I decided to try an Erin Condren Life Planner. Prior to that, I had been keeping all of my appointments and notes on my Apple Calendar (iCal). Now, I am definitely a tech girl, and I loved the idea of syncing my calendar across all of my devices so that I always had it on hand. Unfortunately, I started missing and forgetting too many things. Managing all the appointments and tasks associated with work, home, and… Read more »

why we homeschool and you can too

  Homeschooling was never something that I wanted to do. Actually, I never even thought about it until my daughter started to meet a lot of homeschooled kids in the 18 months before we started homeschooling. I was a public school kid and received an outstanding education. Public schools are not so good in Mississippi, so we made the decision to send our kids to Catholic school. Everything was great until my daughter got to third grade.   In the… Read more »

pokemon go abra

Mention PokemonGo, and you are likely to get one of three responses. Response 1: What is PokemonGo? Response 2: I love it! I’m totally addicted! Response 3: I don’t get PokemonGo. It’s a kid thing. If you chose number 1, what rock are you living under? PokemonGo has even been featured on Fox News. If you chose number 2, right there with you. Number 3? Well, if you had tried the game you’d be answering with response 2. I never… Read more »