hydration water challenge

  Hydration is important. We all know that, right? Also, coke and beer don’t count in quite the same way that water does in meeting your daily hydration needs. Sadly, neither does coffee. I drink a lot of water (and a lot of coffee and tea), so I didn’t really think too much about my hydration needs until the end of last semester. When I’m at my office, I don’t drink nearly as much water as I do when I… Read more »

  Okay, here’s the scoop. Recently two friends of mine signed up to be It Works distributors and started talking about all of these fantastic new products. Like many others, I was curious and thought I would give them a try. Who would not want to try products that are going to make them skinny, healthy, and beautiful? I was most intrigued by this whole “wrap” thing, so I decided that I needed to try this one for myself and… Read more »

  Last week we dropped the husband off in North Carolina to continue his trek along the Appalachian Trail. He started the trek with three weeks last summer and plans to spend the month of June on the trail this year. He has discovered the importance of walking. I don’t mean walking in your neighborhood with your friend or walking around the house trying to get those extra steps on your Fitbit (I’ve done it too).   Perhaps you have… Read more »

  A few weeks ago, a friend sent me this Rodan and Fields foaming tanner. Honestly, I thought it was some kind of joke. Perhaps she thought, “Gingers don’t tan, so it will be really funny to send this to Kim.”     It’s true that I’m a ginger and that gingers just don’t tan. I can burn from seeing the sun through a window. I long ago gave up on the dream of achieving a gorgeous golden tan. The… Read more »