On May 31, 2017, we celebrate World MS Awareness Day. In case you didn’t know, MS stands for Multiple Sclerosis, a disease of the central nervous system. MS is a progressive disease for which there are treatments but no cure. As a matter of fact, researchers still don’t have a good understanding of what MS is and what causes it. Everyone’s story is different. MS Awareness Day is meant to spread worldwide awareness of the disease, and since this year’s… Read more »

tips for surviving the flu

  I’ve been sick in bed for the past two days and did not have the brain power to write anything of deep, emotional worth. So, you are going to get tips for how I am attempting to survive this hellion of a virus. It started on Tuesday when I got home from school and had a touch of a sore throat. The next day I felt like I was getting a cold but would be able to fight it… Read more »

friendships and politics

  We’re just two weeks away from a big Presidential election in the United States, and I can only describe the experience as bizarre and depressing. I don’t want to get too deep into political ideologies here, but I will just say that I am disgusted by Hillary Clinton and disappointed by Donald Trump. They are both lousy candidates for President, and I am disheartened by the fact that this is the best we can come up with to lead… Posted by & filed under Health, Youtube. This post has one comment.

If you’ve been reading along for the past couple of weeks, you’ve noticed that I’ve been trying to make my way through some stormy weather (mostly figuratively). I’m sure you also have those weeks where you just feel like the fates are against you. Nothing seems to go your way. You think you have finally made it over the last hurdle only to find twelve more in the way. The last three weeks of my life have felt just like… Read more »

modern girl's guide to managing stress

Stress. Just when you think you have things under control and feel like a queen, something pops up to knock you off your throne. I have a pretty uptight and anxious personality. They call it Type A, but I call it necessary for high achievement. From a distance, it actually looks like I am really good at dealing with stress and don’t let much of anything bother me. Unfortunately, that is not really true. I’m just better at hiding it… Read more »

run disney

Five years ago, I was an athlete. Five years ago, I ran marathons. Five years ago, I won awards at local 5k races and duathlons. Five years ago, I was a runner. Five years ago, I also suddenly became very ill and was soon diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Five years ago, my life and identity changed. My body simply could not do the things it used to do, and I felt like I lost part of myself in the… Read more »