While in the middle of a Pinterest binge, I found a post about photographing sparklers. I’ve seen these types of pictures posted every summer and marveled at them over the years. I never had a clue how people managed to get a camera to do something like that. I figured there was some complicated manual setting and manipulation required that I could never hope to manage. When I found out this was not the case at all, I was… Read more »

    If you are me, you realize it’s three days before the 4th of July and you really should decorate the house a little. In my defense, I’ve been busy with renovation projects. In reality, it would have been the same without that excuse. Since you’ve waited so long to put them up, you also don’t want to spend much money on these decorations. Then, here is what you do.   I saw this idea on Pinterest and went… Read more »

    One of the projects I decided to tackle this summer was my living room fireplace. I love the custom wooden mantle and did not want to cover it with paint. Unfortunately, I also hate the yellow oak that is everywhere in this house. I decided to try staining the wood a darker color instead. I like the look of dark wood, but I was careful not to go too dark since my floors are also a pretty light… Read more »

This wall in my living room has been bare since we moved in almost five years ago. Like many parts of the house, it sat unfinished because I never really took the time to formulate a plan and act on it. Plus, we live in a constant state of “we might move next year” that has resulted in a tendency to neglect any changes to the house. Finally, I could not take it any longer and decided that I just… Read more »

My fellow Pinterest addicts can attest to the fact that there are some great Father’s Day craft ideas out there for you to try out with your kids. If you are like us, they probably won’t turn out looking like the artful examples you find. I always end up throwing my hands in the air and coming up with some alternative way to salvage the project. The problem with all of these Father’s Day craft ideas is that they are… Read more »

I have absolutely no idea why I bought this living room set almost eight years ago. Who buys a cream colored couch when their kids are 2 and 4? In their defense, there was only that one time when they decided to draw on the couch with washable markers. Other than that, they have not been the problem. The source of the problem is this adorable creature.     Nico is a pit bull mix who we adopted shortly after… Read more »