creating a vision board

Vision boards have become increasingly popular over the last few years thanks to Pinterest. I’ve read a lot of articles about why you should have a vision board and what you should do with it, and this year I decided to finally make one. The one problem I had when creating my vision board was the fact that I don’t have a clear and definite focal point for the future, which is one of the main points of a vision… Read more »

I have a girl confession to make. Until I had a daughter who decided that she wanted to be a dancer, I really didn’t know a thing about makeup. Over the past few years, however, I have learned a lot about stage makeup in particular. It takes some practice, but you can create some amazing looks with makeup. In fact, stage makeup is great because you can create art on someone’s face. So, I thought I would share some examples of Halloween… Read more »

free printable kawaii halloween planner stickers

It’s probably no surprise that October is my second favorite month of the year. I have been looking forward to flipping the calendar over to October 1 for weeks. As a matter of fact, I started making Halloween crafts about a month ago and have just been dying to share them with you. One of the first things I did was change out my planner cover and accessories to a Halloween theme. I picked up this Erin Condren interchangeable cover… Read more »

As summer ends and autumn announces its dutiful march toward the vibrant and intoxicating crescendo of crimson, gold, persimmon, and burnt umber that surrounds us each year, it is only natural to feel a bit overwhelmed by not just the beauty of it all but also the striking change it signals. The days suddenly seem shorter and the sun feels just a little less potent, making it difficult to find the inspiration necessary to accomplish all that must be done…. Read more »

Aside from pumpkin spice, my other favorite flavor of fall is apple. My favorite apple is the McIntosh. Ironic much since I love Apple and Mac computers? Nevertheless, they are my favorite applies. There was an apple orchard near my home in New Jersey, and I remember going there as a kid to get McIntosh apples. I really missed those apples when I moved away for college, and my grandparents would get a huge box of those apples sent to… Read more »

halloween costume

  Halloween is six weeks away. Do you have your costumes ready or even planned? It seems to me like the Halloween costume, much like everything else, has turned into some weird suburban parent competition. Seriously, how many of you had friends growing up who just threw on a sheet with eye holes or tore up some old clothes to make a costume? Oh no, not today. In today’s competitive mom culture, you need at least a 3 month lead… Read more »