Book Review: Exposed in Darkness


exposed in darkness heather sensor book review

I first learned about Heather Sunseri after she published her first book, Mindspeak. I followed her work through the entire Mindspeak series and her second Emerge series. Both are in the YA genre with a biomedical/dystopian theme. So, when Heather said she was writing an adult book that was a crime drama, I pursed my lips and wondered how this would end.


It’s not that I did not believe in Heather’s ability as a writer, but I love crime drama done well and hate crime drama done poorly. My obsession with crime novels and television shows started when I was in middle school and read every single Nancy Drew novel. That launched me into a Sherlock Holmes obsession which persists today. As with Heather’s other novels, however, Exposed in Darkness was a thrilling story filled with emotionally complex characters. In other words, Heather Sunseri proved she can easily weave in and out of the young adult and adult genres.


Exposed in Darkness introduces readers to a former FBI superstar, Brooke Fairfax. She has spent the last year caught in a spiral of depression following the tragic death of her husband, but a new threat pushes her out of that hole and sends her off to an investigation in Kentucky. In this unlikely place, Brooke’s past finally catches up with her. Readers follow Brooke as she infiltrates the small-town Kentucky horse racing culture just before the big Derby. Fans of the Mindspeak series will also appreciate references to biochemical toxins and Wellington boarding school.


This book had everything I could hope for in a crime drama novel. Brooke is a strong and complex yet completely relatable heroine. There is a rich, dreamy Irish man who makes all the ladies swoon. The location and history of this small Kentucky town truly make it a character of its own. The people who live there are motivated by a complicated web of culture, political, and socio-economic factors. In other words, Exposed in Darkness is both timely and realistic.


Plus, the question of whodunnit kept me guessing up until the very end. I was literally so drawn into the suspense of the story that I started reading faster and faster so that I could find out who this mysterious mastermind actually was. That is the mark of a good crime novel. You won’t really know whodunnit until right before the character is revealed. Even after that happens, there are still a lot of questions left unanswered. So, like me, you’ll be anxiously awaiting the next book in this series, Cut in Darkness. Find out more about Heather Sunseri and subscribe to her newsletter for updates. Click below to go buy the book today (affiliate link).



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