With 4th of July picnics and fireworks just one week away, it’s time to think about styling the perfect patriotic look. I’ve compiled some of my favorites to share with you.     Starting from top left to right… One-shoulder classic navy stripe swimsuit from J Crew – This style is so classic and chic that you’ll be able to wear it for years. ($118) Larissa dress by Tory Burch – The classic white dress is a summer staple… Read more »

    When you have kids, nobody warns you that your life up until that moment has done little to prepare you for having children. There are so many things that you still have to learn. I guess that is one of the cool things about being a parent. You get the opportunity to learn and do things all over again with your children. For example, I get to use my knowledge of basketball, physics, and geometry to teach Luke… Read more »

This wall in my living room has been bare since we moved in almost five years ago. Like many parts of the house, it sat unfinished because I never really took the time to formulate a plan and act on it. Plus, we live in a constant state of “we might move next year” that has resulted in a tendency to neglect any changes to the house. Finally, I could not take it any longer and decided that I just… Read more »

Over the weekend, I finished reading Jen Mann’s book People I Want to Punch in the Throat: Competitive Crafters, Drop-Off Despots, and Other Suburban Scourges. Jen Mann presents comical caricatures of some of the people she encounters in her life as a working mom in Kansas. It was not one of the best books I’ve ever read, but it was really funny and makes for a good read before bed. Each chapter tells a different story, so you can breeze… Read more »

  Okay, here’s the scoop. Recently two friends of mine signed up to be It Works distributors and started talking about all of these fantastic new products. Like many others, I was curious and thought I would give them a try. Who would not want to try products that are going to make them skinny, healthy, and beautiful? I was most intrigued by this whole “wrap” thing, so I decided that I needed to try this one for myself and… Read more »

Have you ever heard or tried Stitch Fix? It is an online subscription box and personal shopping service that will send you a box personalized with five new clothing and accessory items that were picked out just for you. It’s a great service for girl bosses like me who just don’t have time to spend shopping. I decided to give the service a try last year when I realized how badly my wardrobe really needed an infusion of new life. I… Read more »