Aside from pumpkin spice, my other favorite flavor of fall is apple. My favorite apple is the McIntosh. Ironic much since I love Apple and Mac computers? Nevertheless, they are my favorite applies. There was an apple orchard near my home in New Jersey, and I remember going there as a kid to get McIntosh apples. I really missed those apples when I moved away for college, and my grandparents would get a huge box of those apples sent to me straight from the orchard. Living in Mississippi now, there are only a few weeks out of the year when McIntosh apples are available in the grocery store. When they arrive, I basically buy out the store’s supply and eat nothing but apples until they are gone. Does this really surprise anyone? Remember that I told you I bought 10 boxes of pumpkin spice Toaster Strudels last year.


Since Monday was National Apple Day, I thought I would share some of my favorite easy peasy apple recipes in a Pinterest recipe roundup. So, here’s to apples, the forgotten flavor of fall.


For breakfast, I recommend some apple pie pancakes!

apple pie pancakes


For lunch, I love this apple pecan rosemary greek yogurt chicken salad.

apple chicken salad


Have a glass (or two) of caramel apple sangria with your dinner.

caramel apple sangria


Top it off with a really simple and delicious apple crisp for dessert.

apple crisp



Do you have a favorite apple recipe? Share with me below in the comments or let me know if you try any of these!


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