Hello! I am Kimberly Goodwin, the voice behind Classical Bohemian. My “real job” is an Associate Professor of Finance and Real Estate. You can find more about that part of my life over here. Once upon a time, I realized that I had a lot more I wanted to say and do than just teach people about finance. So, I decided to start Classical Bohemian as a way to share all of the other weird thoughts inside my head with the rest of the world.




Why Classical? In a lot of ways, I come from a very classical education. I studied Latin for six years and loved every minute of it. I am a classically trained musician, and classical music and the arts played a huge role in my life. I always loved reading and the world of academia. Given the opportunity, I probably would have gotten my undergraduate degree in something like classics or music. Instead, I settled for a minor in Medieval Studies. All of these things became part of my core as an adult. I love language, literature, classical music,and art. I am a strong supporter of classical education. I have two children (ages 13 and 10) who are homeschooled, and we follow a classical curriculum.


Why Bohemian? Nothing about me and my life really fits into a mold. In contrast to the classical, I enjoy things like video games and anime. I have purple in my hair, and my favorite color is glittery black. For me, bohemian is about truly experiencing life and being open to the fantastical. Opportunity knocks on your door all the time, and you need to be brave enough to answer and follow that opportunity on a new adventure. Being bohemian is about embracing your creative spirit and not conforming to expectations. When you open yourself up to all that the world has to offer, you find yourself doing some pretty wonderful things.


Thanks for joining me on this adventure. Please feel free to contact me and be sure to follow me on your favorite social media outlets.